The TA3 holds annual meetings on a variety of topics of interest to both member institutions and community and technical colleges in general. We have included agendas and selected presentations from past meetings, which you can download.





Birmingham, Alabama, June 5-8: Reaching the Millennial Workforce: New Ways of Learning, Earning, and Interacting in the Digital Age available here.


Washington, DC, Thursday, January 15: Policy Forum. Recap available here.

Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 7-10: Preparing the Future Global Workforce:
Bringing Employers and Educators Together available here. 

2014: Indianapolis, Indiana, June 1-4: STEM, STEAM, and Dream. The agenda, presentations, pictures, and other information on the meeting are available here.
2013: Copenhagen, Denmark, June 17, 2013: Work Based Learning – International Perspectives. The agenda, presentations, pictures, and other information on the meeting are available here.
2012: Covington, Kentucky, US, October 1-3: The Future of Manufacturing: Implications for Colleges. The agenda, presentations and other information on the meeting are available here.
2011: San Sebastian, Spain, May 1-4, 2011: Creativity and Innovation in Education. The agenda, presentations, and other information on the meeting are available here.
2011: Pittsboro, North Carolina, Alliance for Sustainability Conference focused on sustainable food systems. Here is the agenda and a summary reportPlease click here for a full list of downloadable presentations.
2010: Asheville, North Carolina, April 26-27, 2010: Community Colleges Supporting Sustainable Communities. The agenda, presentations and other information on the meeting are available here.
2009: Tampere, Finland: Learning Environments and Cultural Differences Agenda Stuart Rosenfeld, “The TA3: Looking Back, Thinking Forward” Sakari Kuvaja, “Promoting Entrepreneurship in Finnish UAS’s” “Vocational Education and Training at Tampere College”
2008: Columbia, Maryland: New Solutions for a Changing Workforce Agenda Marc Tucker, “New Solutions for a Changing Workforce” Tom Tuttle, “Competencies for Effective Global Citizenship” Patrick J Mulhern, “Best Practices: Athlone Institute of Technology” Wilfrid Lammers, “Best Practices: Siemens Professional Education – Berlin”
2007: Galway, Ireland: Regional Economies for Global Competitiveness Agenda Martin Cronin, “Meeting the Challenge of Global Competitiveness” Mike Luger, “New Roles for US Colleges in the 21 Century Economy “ Gillian Buckley, Western Development Commission Ian Quinn, Creganna Medical Devices, Galway Paul Logue, Élan Pharma International, Athlone Michael Lonergan, “Incubation Supports” Irial Mac Murchú, “Creating Media Content in Regional Companies” Barry O’Mahony, “Paradigmatic Barriers to Innovation in Hospitality Provision” Gerry Clarke, “Promoting Innovation in Medical Device Manufacturing” Jeff Rafn, “Supporting Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing: North America”
2006: Whitefish, Montana: Developing Creative Minds Agenda Stephen Tepper, “Beyond Skills: The Creativity Imperative” Mary Moe, “Creative Enterprise: Shapes That Satisfy, Work That Is Real” Leo Hwang-Carlos, “The Alchemy of Opportunity: Education’s Role in the Creative Economy” Martin Behns, “Playing as Part of the Learning Process” JoAnn Hawkins, “Howard CC: The Center for Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence” “GMIT Letterfrack: A Design Perspective”
2005: Berlin, Germany: Integration and Evaluation of Soft Skills in Technical Curricula
2005: Seattle, Washington: Community Colleges and Globalization Agenda Finn Karlsen, “International Partnerships: A European Perspective” Colleen Cooper Ferguson “International Partnerships: An American Perspective” AutoNetBerlin, Germany: Soft Skills in Technical Curricula 
2004: Vienna, Austria: Recruitment & Entrepreneurship Asheville, North Carolina: Cool Community Colleges
2003: Green Bay, Wisconsin: Improving Access to Education
2002: New Orleans, Louisiana Sønderborg, Denmark: Entrepreneurial Education
2001: Glasgow, Scotland: Digital Economy New Orleans, Louisiana: Colleges in a Changing World
2000: Louisville, Kentucky: Alliances that Work
1999: Kuopio, Finland: Networking Colleges
1998: Chapel Hill, NC: Galway, Ireland: An Entrepreneurial Economy
1997: Washington, DC: New Paths to New Skills
1996: Orlando, Florida: Facing the Future Glasgow, Scotland: Connecting to Community
1993: Memphis, TN: On the Cutting Edge