2019 TA3 Presentations

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2019 TA3 Presentations

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Keynote 4.0 Presentations

Keynote Address: 4th Industrial Revolution Megatrends and Their Potential Impact by Mr. Mike Belcher, Director of EdTech Innovation for HP

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TA3 Members’ Presentations

Gail Norris, Siemens Industry, Inc.: Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program. Siemens has developed a new 5 day course for teachers for Industry 4.0. Siemens will pilot the train-the-trainer course for colleges and universities in August 2019 and then offer it after October 2019.

Sue Griffith Smith, Ivy Tech Community College: The fourth industrial revolution involves companies becoming integrated production systems. Ivy Tech Community College partnered with national employers and the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) to develop a new certification. Learn to embed the Industry 4.0 certification into programs and create flexible curriculum and delivery models to be ready for the future. The next revolution will require adaptable programs delivered in different modalities.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Jake Morris and Andy Herson, MobileModular® Training Systems: The time has come for a more practical approach to training. An approach that allows both new and learners with existing skills to gain valuable hands-on experience. An approach that is affordable for strapped school districts, college’s and corporate training centers. An approach that allows mobility to learning, bringing training equipment to the learner wherever they may be. Our practical approach utilizes industry-standard components, designed to simulate industrial systems that are modular and offer connectivity with infinite opportunities for continued learning to close the skills gap.

Iñigo Araiztequi of Tknika and Kees Verburg of Da Vinci College: Tknika and Da Vinci College, together with other international partners from education and business awarded grant to create a Centre for Advanced Manufacturing. The project called EXAM 4.0 aims at setting up five European regional skills ecosystems that bring together VET/HVET centres, companies, policy makers, learners, job seekers in order to identify and define future skills needs in the advanced manufacturing sector. Part of the project is developing the 4.0 workshop concept connecting the different inputs and outputs relevant in a learning process to the system (teachers, students, installations, tool deposit, warehouse, connected machines, and resources such as videos, tools, etc.)