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TA3 Meeting April 2010: Supporting Sustainable Communities – Opportunities and Challenges for Community Colleges

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Hosted by Haywood Community College and the TA3, experts and practitioners from the U.S. and Europe gathered in Asheville, North Carolina on April 26-27, 2010 to discuss expanded roles for colleges in educating students, businesses, and communities about and for economic opportunities in renewable energy, conservation, ecotourism, and local sustainable agriculture and manufacturing.

Topics discussed included:

  • Skills for new green-oriented industries and for sustainable practices in other sectors
  • Enhancing local and sustainable agriculture, natural resources, and crafts
  • “Green thinking” in all programs
  • Making campuses models of sustainability

View Agenda to the April 2010 meeting here.

View Speaker Bios here.

Individual speaker presentations can be viewed in PDF form:

Dr. Karen Harton Allen

Dr. Jay K. Box

Dr. Jonathan Deutsch

Lynn Coale

Dennis Creech

Energy Xchange

Wayne Fawbush

Anthony Flaccavento

Allan M. Gentry

Dr. Stephan J. Goetz

Randy Grissom

Dr. Risto Raivio

Allan B. Rasmussen

Peter Rathje

Dr. Stuart Rosenfeld

Marjut Salminen

Dr. Kathleen Schatzberg

Dr. Patrick Tobin