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2009 Symposium in Finland

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The theme for the 2009 symposium and meeting of the Trans-Atlantic Technology & Training Alliance in Tampere, Finland was New Learning Environments and Cultural Differences.  Organized by Marjut Salminen of Tampere College hosted by the college on May 4-6, 2009, the first day included presentations on the Finnish educational system, skills to cope with cultural differences, new business incubators as learning environments, creative entrepreneurship, cross cultural understanding for international employees, and benchmark practices.  Members from seven countries were took part in the three days of professional, business, and cultural events.  TA3 members toured Tampere College and visited the Kuru Forest College, where they held their business meeting, which included a strategic planning discussion led by EUC-Syd—and also test-drove the school’s log haulers and had an evening meal at a log cottage.  The agenda and selected presentations can be downloaded here.